Forward Modeling Time-Lapse Seismic based on Reservoir Simulation Result on The CCS Project at Gundih Field, Indonesia

  •  Ariesty R. K. Asikin    
  •  Awali Priyono    
  •  Tutuka Ariadji    
  •  Benyamin Sapiie    
  •  Mohammad R. Sule    
  •  Takeshi Tsuji    
  •  Wawan Gunawan A. Kadir    
  •  Toshifumi Matsuoka    
  •  Sigit Rahardjo    


This paper contains reservoir simulation study of carbon storage at Gundih field in Central Java Island, Indonesia. Two different cases of injection simulation were performed and analyzed in this paper. The cases represent the conditions when the smallest and largest volumes of CO2areinjected into the subsurface to see the changes of reservoir that happen after the injection processes. The simulation result shows that when a larger amount of CO2 is injected into the targeted reservoir, it will migrate to the peak of anticline structure located in the southeast of CO2 injection well. The displacement of CO2 in the simulation progress shows that it will not reach the fault location. The geological model for synthetic seismogram calculation is then built based on the simulation reservoir result. The furthest displacement of CO2 is calculated on each case and described as the saturated CO2 layers. Forward modeling is performed to create synthetic seismic gather which will be processed to construct seismic section. The difference between the initial seismic section before the injection process and seismic section including saturated CO2 layer after the injection process will be evaluated by the potential of injected CO2 monitoring using time-lapse seismic survey in the Gundih field.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.