The Extent of Sunlight Penetration Performance on Traditional Style’s Apartment Façade in Putrajaya, Malaysia

  •  Ahmad Hassan    
  •  Yasser Arab    


In this study the analysis is to measure the performance on the extent of sunlight penetration on front apartment facades. The apartments are located in Putrajaya, Malaysia. Putrajaya is the administrative city for the federal government, and it is considered the latest new city in Malaysia with postmodern style buildings which exhibit a range of complex geometric elements blending with colonial, modern and traditional architectural style. The scope of this study is to measure the extent of sunlight penetration on the apartment facades. Two front facades of the apartments were selected in the case studies using computer simulation for the analysis. The selected case studies are sixteen stories apartment located in Precinct 17 and seventeen stories apartment located in Precinct 18. SunTool software is used in the survey to calculate the extent of sunlight penetration. The survey will be conducted at a position when the sun path is perpendicular to the house façade. This analysis will compare results of the computer simulations of these two apartments in relation to the facade design of the architectural elements for shading devices. This study finds that the more the application is the traditional shading elements, the more is the shading performance on the façade walls. However this study also finds that traditional shading elements are designed only to block sunlight from horizontal angle of the sun position. They are not designed to obstruct sunlight from vertical angle of the sun position.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.