The Investigation of the Barriers in Developing Green Building in Malaysia

  •  Milad Samari    
  •  Nariman Ghodrati    
  •  Reza Esmaeilifar    
  •  Parnaz Olfat    
  •  Mohd Wira Mohd Shafiei    


Green building is the foundation of the sustainable construction development. Construction industry with the high contributes with gross domestic product, has undeniable impacts on the economy. Although Green buildings provide a wide range of benefits for the society, green building development suffers from different kinds of market barriers in developing countries including Malaysia. In order to meet green building development in Malaysia, this study aims to investigate the level of developing green building in the current situation, to find important key players and to identify, and to eliminate the important obstacles to green building development. In this research, the respondents were randomly selected from the professionals of Malaysian construction industry across the country and the method applied for collecting data is questionnaire survey. All the questionnaires were sent out to the respondents manually or through e-mail. A total of 673 sets of questionnaire were sent out and 167 (24.81%) questionnaires were received. The quantitative method was used for analysing data through SPSS version 19. Based on the results, the level of developing green building in Malaysia is not satisfied and government has a key role in the development of green buildings in Malaysia. The main barriers can be listed as: lack of credit resources to cover up front cost, risk of investment, lack of demand as well as higher final price.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.