Use of Safety Components to Avoid Accidents With Agricultural Tractors in Public Roads

  •  Sabrina Bellochio    
  •  Airton Alonço    
  •  Gessieli Possebom    
  •  Francieli Vargas    
  •  Lutiane Pagliarin    


The market of agricultural tractors has an important role in the Brazilian economy, as well as the role the tractor plays in agricultural operations. With the rising level of mechanization, the traffic of tractors on public roads consequently increased, thus raising the propensity of occurring accidents. In transit, tractors present low traveling speed, besides being wider machines in comparison to cars, besides also presenting low visibility to the other drivers who use the roads. The relevance of studies that point the problems related to this type of traffic accident is related to its severity, in order to seek preventive measures. In this context, this study aimed to address the interface of safety components related to lighting and signaling with the avoidance of accidents involving agricultural tractors on public roads. This way, studies show aspects such as: the road speed limit, as well as its type and width; the number of vehicles and agricultural machinery in circulation; safety components; lighting and signaling items, influence and help to draw a characterization of accidents involving farm machinery. Among the types of accidents, collision and overturning are the most common. Even if the number of accidents with tractors is lower in relation to automotive vehicles, the severity of the accidents is greater, with propensity of 5 to 8 times more deaths. Therefore, the correct use of safety components and items of lighting and signaling on tractors, in addition to the compliance with laws and regulations, may contribute to reducing the number of accidents with agricultural machines on public roads.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.