Effect of Alcohol Consumption on the Sperm DNA Integrity: A Systematic Review

  •  Farah Hanan Jaafar    
  •  Khairul Osman    
  •  Jaya Kumar    
  •  Siti Ibrahim    


There is no solid conclusion on the conventional sperm parameters in association with alcohol consumption, evaluation of sperm DNA integrity thus become a more reliable parameter. Hereby, this literature search was performed to summarize alcohol consumption on the sperm DNA integrity. A computerized database search was done through MEDLINE via Ovid (since 1946 until August 2017) and Cochrane was used. The following set of keywords: ‘alcohol consumption OR alcohol intake OR alcohol diet OR drinking alcohol OR ethanol diet’ AND ‘sperm DNA OR sperm chromatin OR sperm genome OR sperm histone OR sperm protamine’ were utilised. 24 articles were retrieved where only five studies conform to the inclusion criteria All studies demonstrated a negative effect of alcohol consumption on sperm DNA integrity, regardless of various range of alcohol doses and duration of alcohol consumption. Out of five studies reviewed, four studies were using a different approach to measure the sperm DNA damage. Hereby, this review identified a need to use a single approach of DNA damage test by having various method of alcohol administration and/or vice versa so that the extension of sperm DNA damage to alcohol consumption will have a better conclusion. On the same note, a few studies have reported the reversibility on conventional semen parameters, none has been done on the sperm DNA damage upon alcohol withdrawal. Therefore, the role of alcohol withdrawal on the reversibility of sperm DNA damage needs to be as well investigated further.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.