Studies on the Potential Ecological Risk and Homology Correlation of Heavy Metal in the Surface Soil

  •  Haiyuan Qiu    


The present paper was attempted to investigate the distribution, the potential ecological hazards and the
homologous relativity of heavy metals in soil of Fujian agricultural protection area on the both side of 324
National Road in Xiang'an of Xiamen City. We analyzed the content of heavy metals in the surface of farming
soil using ICP-MS and evaluated the potential ecological hazard of heavy metals in the soil of agricultural
protection zone in Xiang'an and further investigated the relevance of heavy metals in the soil by the classical
Lars Hakanson potential ecological risk index method. Results showed that the potential ecological risk levels
(hazard index) of eight kinds of heavy metals in Xiang'an area were classified in the order Cd (94.4)> Hg (54.3)>
As (46.7)> Pb (10.5)> Cu (4.3)> Ni (3.1)> Cr (2.3)> Zn (1.9), and the global potential ecological risk index (HI)
of heavy metal was 216.8. The comprehensive evaluation of potential ecological risk of agricultural safety
belonged to the moderate level. The major pollutants in this area were Cd and Pb, which attained the middle
ecological hazard level. Through the correlation analysis of heavy metals, we found that the main external
sources of pollution were the waste gas after the combustion of petrol and diesel, the excessive application of
pesticides and so on. The internal source of pollution was the high background values of new cover soil.

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