Forage Yield, Chemical Composition and In Vitro Gas Production of Triticale (X Triticosecale wittmack) and Barley (Hordeum vulgare) asociated with Common Vetch (Vicia sativa) Preserved as Hay or Silage

  •  Esmeralda Y. Aguilar-López    
  •  José L. Bórquez    
  •  Ignacio Domínguez    
  •  Andrés Morales-Osorio    
  •  María de Guadalupe Gutiérrez-Martínez    
  •  Manuel González Ronquillo    


Forage cereals are deficient in protein, but legumes are acceptable in protein quality; the association of both forages can increase their nutritional value and biomass production. The objectives were to evaluate forage yield, chemical composition, energy content and In Vitro gas production of varieties of triticale (UAEMex and Siglo XXI), barley (Doña Josefa) and its association with common vetch, harvested at 145 days (milky-dough stage); a portion was ensiled and the other was hayed. Data were analyzed by a completely randomized design, and by using non-orthogonal contrasts to compare means of barley against triticale, common vetch and unicrops vs. associations. There were differences (P < 0.001) in DM (dry matter) production, being higher triticale Siglo XXI and associated with common vetch (6.50 and 5.4 ton DM/ha respectively), the highest CP content (P < 0.001) was for common vetch (234 g/kg DM) and their associations (187±2 g/kg DM). NDF content showed no differences between varieties and their associations (P > 0.302). Doña Josefa Barley showed a higher content (P < 0.05) of TDN (65%), NEl 1.4, and NEg0.8 Mcal/kg DM in both methods of preservation. Total gas production (ml/g DM), was higher for the association of Doña Josefa barley to common vetch (P < 0.05) (127±6 ml gas/g DM) compared to the rest (117±3 ml gas/g DM). As a conclusion, associations of barley or triticale to Siglo XXI with common vetch as hay or silage, allows us to consider them as an option to incorporate into the processes of production of livestock feed in high valleys.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.