Evaluation Efficacy and Persistence of Some Volatile Plant Oils on Immature Stages of Galleria mellonella (L.)

  •  Sawsan S. Moawad    
  •  Ibrahim M. A. Ebadah    


The Experiment was carried out to measure the effect of four natural plant oils (namely: Cinnamonium zeylanicum L., Syzygium aromatic L., Citrus aurantium amara, and Lavandula spica) on controlling the greater wax moth and their ability to persist. The methodology included collecting and rearing the greater wax moth under laboratory conditions to be able to isolate the target tested stages. The immature stages (eggs and larvae) of the experiment moth were exposed to fumes of tested oils (50 µl/500 ml) to calculate hatchability and mortality percentage. The results were clear that fumes of C. zeylanicum and S. aromatic were caused 100% unhatching eggs after zero time as the same recorded by comparable compound (paradix) and able to persist their effect at the closed and limited zone for 60 days. On another side, C. zeylanicum and S. aromat were affected on last larval instars and emerged adults. The accumulative effect was appeared in the case of treatment by C. zeylanicum which was caused sterility to emerged adults and reduced eggs deposition to zero. The data indicated that some natural product compounds could be used as an alternative way of control insect pests.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.