Effects of Quality Management Practices and Concurrent Engineering in Business Performance

  •  Alemu Moges Belay    
  •  Petri Helo    
  •  Josu Takala    
  •  Fentahun Moges Kasie    


The main focus of this paper is to indicate the effect of quality management practices and concurrent engineering
on business performance improvement. The research has been done by taking one of Brewery Company (Meta
Abo Brewery S. Co) as a case study. Practical secondary data have been collected and analyzed to understand
what it seems the actual company’s business results growth rate in terms of annual sales, profit before income
tax, production volume and costs of production. These results are compared to the ideal continuous improvement
organization business results. Primary data are also analyzed to test quality practice levels of the company. The
results of these discussions approve that there exists a direct relationship between TQM & CE, and company’s
business performance improvement. Finally, proposed business improvement model and modified TQM & CE
implementation models are presented.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.