Critical Success Factors That Influence Black Leadership Integration in Companies Listed on the Johannesburg Securities Exchange

  •  Biren Valodia    
  •  Ted Sun    
  •  Thomas Zachariah    


In the context of post-apartheid period, there have been certain measures introduced to have employment equity in South Africa. The integration of black leadership in a white dominant companies was one among them. The purpose of this study is to identify the critical success factors that influence black leadership integration as per the reform measures defined after post-apartheid period in South Africa. The overall research question guiding this study is: What are the critical success factors that influence black leadership integration in companies listed on the Johannesburg Securities Exchange? The quantitative correlation research design utilizes a pre-validated survey to access the success factors that influence black leadership integration. To address the research question, the independent variables – corporate culture, leadership style, diversity and strategic leadership behaviours – were correlated with three dependent variables - tenure (years of service), job satisfaction and growth satisfaction (career development opportunities) as measures of successful leadership integration. The study finds statistically significant relationships amongst many of the 32 constructs identified in the literature which using factor analysis are described as fair treatment, job hopping, commitment to transformation, Black entrepreneurship and corporate culture. As defined by Black management, job satisfaction, career development (dependent variables), fair treatment and specific leaders behaviours (inspirational motivation and idealised attributes) (independent variables) as defined by MLQ 5X leadership survey are critical success measures that could influence Black leadership integration in Johannesburg Securities Exchange (JSE) listed companies. The results of this study provide strong evidence of critical success factors that have a statistically significant influence on successful Black leadership integration into historically White dominated South African companies.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.