Implementation Influence of ISO9000 on Organization’s Performance

  •  Amal AL Othman    
  •  Said Taan EL Hajjar    


Implementing the International Organization for Standardization (ISO9000) in Bahrain Council of Representatives offers many prospects to diversify Bahrain’s Parliament and raise management development and duties. This paper entirely explores the potential items of customer focus, leadership, people’s involvement, and continual improvement, which will be used as a scale to measure the impact of ISO 9000 on Bahrain Council of Representatives performance and other private sector organizations to recognize that potential. This research work is mainly designed based on one of quantitative approaches, which is the survey questionnaire. Data was collected from Council of Representative’s Staff in the Kingdom of Bahrain by distributing the questionnaire randomly to Council of Representative’s employees and consequently analyzed through quantitative analysis methods. Overall findings show that all items appear to be useful and contribute to the overall reliability of their corresponding construct. This research work will help define best items and constructs for stakeholders’ who are interested in applying ISO9000 standards in the organizations, prioritize improvement of employees and enhance performance relative to shareholders’ expectations and liable organization development. This paper fills a prevailing gap by providing a distinctive reliable assessment scale of such effectiveness and comprehensive assessment measure through an organized analysis of pertinent arcade data in the kingdom of Bahrain.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.