An Analysis of Customer Perceptions on Services of Electronic Banking in Bangladesh

  •  Mohammad Rahman    
  •  Muhammad Rahman    
  •  Md Fahmed    


The use of Internet is growing rapidly in all business sectors to maintain effective relationships with customers, suppliers, distributors and many other parties. Banking sector is receiving the benefits of Internet by providing online services to the customers. Online services of banks are very useful for the internal employees and the customers where popularity of banking is increasing gradually. The benefits of E-Banking are enormous for both the financial institutions and bank customers. These benefits are the basis for the growth of the E-Banking.  For the bank customers, the biggest benefit of E-Banking is convenience, longer banking hours, flexibility and accessibility. Despite the benefits and advantages of E-Banking, there are drawbacks and weaknesses.  In developing this study, a pre-defined methodology and procedure have been followed. The aim of this research is to evaluate customers’ perceptions on the Electronic banking services in Bangladesh.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.