Revitalization of Service Quality to Gain Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

  •  Sher Akbar    
  •  Ahmad Puad Mat Som    
  •  Fazli Wadood    
  •  Naser Jamil Alzaidiyeen    


This study examines the relationships between hotel service quality failure, customer perceived value, revitalization of service quality, customer satisfaction and loyalty in the hotel industry. A quantitative technique was used to collect data in this study. A number of findings were gathered through the survey of 105 hotel guests in Penang, Malaysia. The findings indicate that hotel revitalization of service quality had positive effects on customer loyalty, while perceived value and customer satisfaction were two significant variables that mediated the relationships between hotel service quality and customer loyalty. It was also found that hotel service quality had no profound and direct effects, but indirect positive effects on customer satisfaction. The recommendations for future research were also discussed in this study.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.