Success of Post-Natural Disaster Reconstruction Projects–Significance of Community Perspective

  •  Kamran Shafique    


Climate change induced by rapid urbanization resulting in increased frequency and severity of natural disasters. Losses due to natural disasters are continuously rising, thus requirement of post-natural disaster reconstruction (PDR) is also increasing. PDR projects involve piles of resources and efforts; therefore, it is becoming more important to ensure success and sustainability of PDR projects. Usually PDR projects involve interests of a large number of stakeholders and each stakeholder perceives success of project through its own perspective. The purpose of this research study is twofold; firstly, it aims at substantiating the significance of affected community, as most important stakeholder in PDR project. Secondly, it aims at revealing the importance of affected community view point and its consideration for success and adoptability of a PDR project. Through rigorous literature review and case study method, this paper has critically analysed two typical post natural disaster reconstruction projects, one each from Pakistan & Sri Lanka. This research study has concluded that affected community is an important stakeholder and consideration of their viewpoint and involving them in decision making process, especially in planning and implementation phase is very important for success and sustainability of a PDR projects. Despite employing huge financial and other resources, disregarding and disengagement of community could lead a project to the failure. These findings also helped to outline a few recommendations for the practitioners to ensure success of PDR projects.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.