An Empirical Study to Examine the Effect of Realistic Job Preview on Expectancies, Personal Goals and Performance

  •  Hanadi Chehade    
  •  Said EL Hajjar    


Several research studies confirmed that the administration of job preview information (J.P.I) guides to such desirable organizational outcomes as augmented satisfaction and reduced firing among new employees. Fewer studies have discovered the effects that J.P.Is hold other outcome variables such as attrition from the recruitment process, managerial commitment, and performance. The purpose of the present paper discovers the influences of J.P.I on outcome expectations and on performance through personal goals. An empirical study takes the opportunity to implement this case study on two well-known communication companies in the Kingdom of Bahrain that explores the effect of Management people on the relationship between expectancies and job achievement. The results of the Chi –square tests partially support the main hypothesis of this study which asserts that expectancies and goals that individuals set for themselves are not independent. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.