Differences among Different DGBLs Learners

  •  Yu-Ling Lin    


Digital Game-Based Learning (DGBL) not only offers ideal learning results but also encourages students to be proactive in their learning. In this research, DGBL and Means-end Chains have been chosen as the theoretical basis for the study. The study took a look at the discrepancies in value between students of different majors and competition participation experiences. Business and Management major students felt that Virtual chips could Reduce pressure and accountability and in addition to allowing them to gradually Accumulate investment experience and Reduce the error rate, it would give them more opportunities to Practice for financial planning. In contrast, students who major in Finance emphasized the consequences of Practice for financial planning from the attribute of Diverse investment tools for virtual trading and Enhanced team learning through Team work. With regards to competition experience, students with competition experience preferred to achieve the learning consequences of Increased practical experience and Accumulated investment experience through the Digital learning function and Virtual platform and they achieved the terminal value of Sense of security through Reducing the error rate. For students with no prior competition experience, they expected to gain opportunities for Practice for financial planning through virtual trading games with Diverse investment tools in order to pursue the terminal values of Sense of achievement and Fun and enjoyment of life.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.