Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment of University Teachers in Public Sector of Pakistan

  •  Muhammad Malik    
  •  Samina Nawab    
  •  Basharat Naeem    
  •  Rizwan Danish    


Study Objectives: The purpose of this investigation was to determine the impact of teachers’ satisfaction with job dimensions on perceived organizational commitment in public sector universities of Pakistan. In addition, the study aimed at exploring to what extent these teachers are committed to their universities and satisfied with different dimensions to their job.

Research Design/Methodology: A survey-based descriptive research design was used. The study was carried on teaching faculty working in two public sector universities of Pakistan. About 650 survey questionnaires were distributed in October, 2009 by employing diverse modes of communication such as email, in person and post. Multiple follow ups yielded 331 statistically usable questionnaires. Stepwise regression analysis and one sample t-tests were used to confirming the research hypotheses.

Results: The findings of the study indicated that the satisfaction with work-itself, quality of supervision and pay satisfaction had significant positive influence on university teachers. They had high degree of organizational commitment and satisfaction with work-itself, supervision, salary, coworkers and opportunities for promotion.

Research limitations/implications: The focus of the study was teachers working at public sectors universities in Pakistan only. Teachers working at private sector may have varied commitment and job satisfaction levels. The differences between public and private sector teachers regarding organizational commitment and job satisfaction with underlying reasons could be probed.

Practical implications: Considering the importance of university teachers’ organizational commitment and their effects on effectiveness of the universities, policy makers and academic administrators should take necessary measures for the optimal provision of intrinsic and extrinsic job rewards to make their core workforce highly satisfied and committed.

Originality/value: The relevant literature shows that university teachers’ commitment and job satisfaction is under-researched area particularly in the public sector institutions of higher learning in Pakistan. So, the current investigation has contributed to improve the understanding of practically significant issues. Besides, the study findings are discussed in perspective of practical implications in public sector universities.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.