Qualitative Research Method: Grounded Theory

  •  Shahid Khan    


In this literature review paper, the researcher has done some efforts to identify and further to elaborate the basiccomponents of a research methods chapter that are integral part of any research paper while conductinggrounded theory approach. Grounded theory is one of the data collection approach in qualitative researchmethods which is totally based on data rather thantry to emerge theory from data. There are bulk of books andresearch papers written by world renowned researchers and authors but the aim of this paper is to help the earlystage researchers in conducting their projects in grounded theory approach. In this paper, the researcher has shedlight on history of grounded theory, how this theory rather approach works, target population, samplingtechnique, data collection methods and the role of a researcher in this whole research process, and anotheressential part of a qualitative research, ethics which play a crucial role while conducting and gathering aqualitative data, have also been discussed in this paper.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.