The Effects of Self-Service Web Portals on Online Banking Service Quality: A Theoretical Model

  •  Mohammad AlSudairi    


Advances in the capabilities of information technologies and the desire for accelerated business innovations aremotivating services firms, such as banks, to reengineer their existing business processes and activities anddevelop newer business models. The implementation of self-service through a web-based portal is one of thesignificant business models being implemented by banks. These portals are expected to facilitate improvementsin the quality of customer services. Yet, there is a need to develop research models to examine how and whythese portals could enhance customer perceptions of quality and satisfaction. This paper draws upon theories andideas from information systems and services marketing literatures to develop a rich model and propositionlinking the features of web portals and customer satisfaction with banking services. These propositions couldform the basis for future empirical research and have significant managerial implications.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.