Product Placement Efficiency in Marketing Communication Strategy

  •  Mustafa Soba    
  •  Müfit Aydin    


Product placement is the conceived insertion of a brand within a movie, broadcast, computer, cable TV programs,
blogs, video games, music video/DVD’s, magazine, books, musicals, internet and mobile phones and etc.
Humankind are exposed to product placement in mainstream media, occasionally even without knowing it.
While product placement is one of the fastest growing forms of marketing communication, there are questions
both about the merits, demerits and effectiveness of the product placement. The purpose of this study is to
critically discuss the role, merits and or demerits of products placement in marketing communication strategy by
clearly outlining its definitions, objectives, strategies as well as its efficacy in value creation compared to other
communication and promotion types. The effectiveness of product placement will be evaluated as a global
marketing communication tool by examining a study conducted in US, and relevant regulations in UK.

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