Analyzing Survey Questions According to Departments and Checking the Reliability of Them for an Organization

  •  Imran Aslan    
  •  Orhan Çinar    
  •  Selahattin Yavuz    


Kipas Group decided to change its management structure due to internal problems and changing environmental
conditions. Thus, we have carried out some surveys to gather information about the organization. In this article,
the results of surveys conducted at the reorganization project of Kipa? Group are presented with some important
findings. 40 questions about the group were asked to 38 persons from the top management. Moreover, interviews
were carried out after they filled the survey. The questions are grouped according to their related field. The
attributes of survey were analyzed to compare the departments and check the validity of the survey. Reliability
analysis is used to see the internal consistency of survey. To improve the internal consistency, some items were
deleted from groups.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.