IS Outsourcing Decision: A Quantitative Approach

  •  Saeed Tajdini    
  •  Mohsen Nazari    


In the modern hyper competition, the outsourcing decision can be a matter of survival or failure. In this paper,
the authors aim at providing an easily adaptable, statistically robust decision model to help firms with deciding
whether or not to outsource their IS functions.
Initially, the authors used Factor Analysis to identify the decision criteria. Then, they designed an AHP decision
model based on these criteria. The methodology is unique and this methodological combination has never been
used before. Results showed that geo-political issue is the most important criterion, followed by strategic,
economic and technical considerations. Scholars can take advantage of this to shape their researches or test the
results in different contexts. Additionally, the model can be of great help to professionals considering IS

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.