The Roles of Knowledge, Threat, and PCE on Green Purchase Behaviour

  •  Booi-Chen Tan    


With an increasing pressure of environmental deterioration, many firms have started to be socially responsible by
developing green products to meet the demand of environmentally conscious consumers. These firms are
interested in finding the determinants of green purchase behaviour in order to develop effective communication
messages and derive green purchase commitments. The effects of environmental knowledge, environmental
threat and perceived consumer effectiveness (PCE) in motivating one’s behavioural change to engage in
pro-environmental behaviour have been tested in the past, but they have not been tested together in the context of
green purchase behaviour in Malaysia. Therefore, this paper reviews the conceptual and empirical literatures of
the aforementioned variables in explaining the environmental attitude and behaviour, and proposes a conceptual
model to be considered for future green purchase behavioural studies. The finding is expected to provide
guidance for firms to profile the green buyers and position its green product more effectively.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.