The Effectiveness of Relationship Marketing Strategies in Department Stores

  •  Suzanne Hanley    
  •  Rose Leahy    


This paper examines the effectiveness of relationship marketing strategies used by department stores.  The primary objective of the study was to discover the extent to which customers use and are influenced by relationship marketing strategies.  In addition, the impact that these strategies have on customer loyalty and the development of customer-department store relationships was explored.
The dominant conclusion arising from this study is that customers do perceive that relationships exist between the customer and the department store.  These relationships develop as a result of positive personal interactions between customers and department store staff and as a result of certain value driven relationship marketing strategies. Essentially it was determined that the development of these relationships is predicated upon customer satisfaction.  Once satisfied a customer is more likely to become loyal and develop a relationship with one store over another.  This research concludes that the challenge for department stores is to identify the drivers of satisfaction and in doing so build positive relationships with their customers. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.