The Effect of Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction in the Utility Industry – A Case of Vodafone (Ghana)

  •  Gloria K.Q Agyapong    


This paper sought to examine the relationship between service quality and customer satisfaction in the utility
industry (telecom) in Ghana
The study adapted the SERVQUAL model as the main framework for analyzing service quality. Multiple
regression analysis was used to examine the relationships between service quality variables and customer
satisfaction. The results showed that all the service quality items were good predictors of customer satisfaction.
For managers, this finding has important implications with regard to brand building strategies. Indications of a
successful brand building strategy are found when companies provide quality services relative to other
companies within the same industry. It is imperative for Vodafone (Ghana) and other telecom firms, therefore, to
improve customer services by giving customers what they want and at the right time. Thus, identifying and
satisfying customers’ needs could improve network services because what is offered can be used to separate the
company’s services from competitors’.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.