The Impact of Computerized Accounting Information Systems Risks on the Quality of Accounting Information

  •  Mohammed Al Haija    


This study aimed to know the impact of computerized accounting information systems risks on the quality of accounting information and to achieve the study objectives, 60 questionnaires were distributed to workers at the administrative levels in Jordanian commercial banks. The number of rounded questionnaires valid for statistical analysis reached 40, i.e. 67% of the distributed questionnaires. The results of the study showed the following: Accounting information systems are exposed to several risks that threaten their security. The study revealed that most of the risks are the result of internal reasons and not external causes, and they arise due to unintended errors or negligence. The risks of computerized accounting information systems affect the quality of accounting information. Based on the results of the hypothesis test, the three null hypotheses were rejected for the study. In light of the results of the study, the researcher recommended a set of recommendations: Holding training courses to raise the practical and scientific qualification in accounting and technology that keeps pace with technological developments in general for employees assigned to operate accounting information systems. Determine the persons authorized to enter the accounting information system and set a password for them.

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