Ride-sharing Service in Bangladesh: Contemporary States and Prospects

  •  Saiful Islam    
  •  Ekramul Huda    
  •  Farjana Nasrin    


This study aims to identify the current status and prospect of ride-sharing service in Bangladesh from the users’ perspective. Data has been collected through a survey questionnaire from a sample of 164 respondents and analyzed using simple descriptive statistics. Findings show that ride-sharing services are emerging rapidly in Bangladesh as an alternative to traditional transportation because people prefer flexibility, convenience, time savings, and ease of use. The young generation is the top user of this service as they well equipped with the technologies required for this gig economy. Currently, Uber and Pathao, only two companies hold more than three-quarter of the market share because of their first mover advantage and availability in both car and motorbike segments. Further growth of this service is expected if major problems like concern over safety and security can overcome. Thus, this study would be useful for companies understanding users’ perception and improving their service quality.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.