Critical Challenges in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Implementation

  •  Sreekumar A. Menon    
  •  Marc Muchnick    
  •  Clifford Butler    
  •  Tony Pizur    


This research paper explores critical challenges in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation based on insights from an exploratory qualitative single case study in the Canadian Oil and Gas Industry. The study was conducted in a Canadian case organization using twenty interviews from members of four project role groups of senior leaders, project managers, project team members, and business users. The study further collected and reviewed project documents from the ERP implementation for triangulation. The research evoked a comprehensive list of sixty critical challenges and out of which, the top twelve challenges discussed in detail were drawn from the responses of participants from all four project role groups. The study findings indicated that critical challenges were significant during ERP implementation. This research is one of first case studies in the Canadian oil and gas industry that focuses on critical challenges in ERP implementation projects.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.