Student Wellbeing in the Teaching and Learning Environment: A Study Exploring Student and Staff Perspectives

  •  Elena Riva    
  •  Rebecca Freeman    
  •  Lauren Schrock    
  •  Victoria Jelicic    
  •  Cameron-Tosh Ozer    
  •  Ruth Caleb    


Internationally and in the UK universities are facing a crisis of student wellbeing. In this context, it is important to research the impact of the teaching and learning environment and experiences, including the relationships between students and staff, on student wellbeing. While separate pieces of research on students’ wellbeing have addressed student and teacher perspectives on the role of learning experiences, we identified an opportunity to address the perspectives of both students and staff, including non-academics, in the same study. This study advances work on student wellbeing, recognising an interdependency between staff and student wellbeing. It adds to current research in identifying student-centred learning and assessment, intercultural awareness, international integration, and emotional intelligence as enablers of positive student wellbeing. The findings of this research also demonstrate the crucial role of the teacher-student relationship in impacting students’ (and staff) wellbeing and suggest solutions and areas for development that reflect the complexity of the Higher Education environment in which they are located.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.