Using Pictures Series Technique to Enhance Narrative Writing among Ninth Grade Students at Institucion Educativa Simon Araujo

  •  Katia Gregoria Contreras Gutierrez    
  •  Miriam Nino Puello    
  •  Luis Alberto Perez Galvis    


This study reports an action research on the use of pictures series technique to develop EFL narrative writing among a group of ninth graders at Institución Educativa Simon Araujo. It involves Experimental and Control groups. During the implementation of the strategy the Experiment group was taught writing with picture series technique and the Process-based approach to determine whether the program of intervention achieved the intended results (cause and effect) concerning the research question to resolve the problem of investigation while the Control group was taught only with Process-based approach. After sixteen weeks of instruction, a post-test (achievement test) was administered to both groups to measure the effect of the intervention process. The obtained results through descriptive statistics (Mean) indicated there was a significant difference between the group which was taught through Pictures series technique and Process-based approach over the one which only received Process-based instruction. The researchers conclude that the intervention with Picture series technique improved the overall growth of writing skills, specific to the areas of Transition or logical sequence and Ideas exposure.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.