The Effect of Text Typographical Features on Legibility, Comprehension, and Retrieval of EFL Learners

  •  Hassan Soleimani    
  •  Elham Mohammadi    


This experimental study investigated the relationship between font type, font size, and line spacing and legibility, as measured by speed of reading, comprehension, and recalling. Instruments for testing legibility and reading comprehension were presented in eight typographical styles in print. The study tested 90 students for legibility and 76 students for comprehension. The subjects were chosen from Urmia Language Center in Urmia, Iran, and they were both girls and boys. Two weeks after the reading comprehension test, the subjects took part in recalling test. In all tests, the subjects were randomly assigned to one of the eight different typographical styles with Arial or Bookman Old Style (font selection) and 10pt or 12pt (font size). But the subjects had both set solid and double spaced leading in their instruments. Results indicated that the 12pt was read faster than 10pt. But font selection and line spacing did not have any significant effect on reading speed. Also, there were no significant results with regard to comprehension and recalling.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.