An Investigation into EFL Students’ Perceptions towards the Integration of Technology in L2 Writing Classrooms: A Case Study

  •  Wenyun Luo    
  •  Chenxi Zeng    
  •  Yi Zheng    


Despite the widespread attention on applying technology in language writing classrooms, little is known about students’ perceptions towards the integration of technology in language writing instruction, learning and assessment. To fill this gap, the current study investigated students’ perceptions towards such integration. Three tools, namely, Tencent Docs, iWrite and COCA, were introduced to students. Data was gathered from classroom observation and an interview with one focal participant. The results revealed that the participant was positive towards such integration while acknowledging its limitations. The participant reported changes towards the functions of these tools, indicating their effectiveness and affordances in L2 writing classrooms. The implications for further research and teaching of L2 writing are discussed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.