Online Proctoring of High-Stakes English Language Examinations: A Survey of Past Candidates’ Attitudes and Perceptions

  •  David Coniam    
  •  Leda Lampropoulou    
  •  Angeliki Cheilari    


This paper reports reactions by candidates to the use of online proctoring (OLP), ‘invigilation’, in the delivery of high-stakes English language examinations. 
The paper first sets the scene in terms of the move from face-to-face to online modes of delivery. It explores the challenges and benefits that both modes offer, in terms of accessibility, fairness, security and cheating.
Evidence is then presented from a survey exploring the reactions to and perceptions of OLP by candidates who had taken an English language examination via OLP. A strong endorsement of OLP was generally recorded. Feedback revealed that respondents perceived OLP to be a more personal as well as a more efficient way of taking a test. Some pertinent negative comments from a smaller number of respondents could be construed as constructive and are also discussed. The results are indicative of a broad acceptance of OLP, pointing to strong future uptake of the OLP mode of test delivery. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.