Research on the Effect of Peer Feedback Training in English Writing Teaching—A Case Study of Students in Business English Major

  •  Jialiang Chen    


Based on peer feedback, this paper further explores the application of peer feedback training to English writing teaching in China. From the theoretical perspective, compared with teacher feedback, peer feedback is beneficial to motivate students to take the initiative in learning, practice the student-centered concept, and promote cooperative learning among students. Peer feedback training, namely peer feedback under teacher intervention in this paper, combines the advantages of teacher feedback and peer feedback, which can not only be accepted by learners but also achieve significant pragmatic effects. From a practical point of view, peer feedback training can be applied to teach large groups of students, thus reducing the pressure and burden of teachers and improving the quality of peer feedback. The results also show that peer feedback training mainly works during the training stage rather than the modification stage. It is crucial to pay attention to the mechanism of peer feedback training and apply it to practice to promote the quality of English writing teaching.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.