Impact of Agile Methodology on Software Development

  •  Eman Altameem    


Software development has become a highly consequential activity for the society and many businesses, with most of them investing much resource. They employ various methods to develop software that can maximize their profits, while minimizing the operation costs. However, most of the projects have failed because they are not able to respond to the changing user needs, despite the heavy investment incurred. This has encouraged the software engineers to propose flexible and effective techniques, including agile methodologies that help to develop quality software. The methodology impacts software development because it results in quality products. It influences the developers positively, thus enabling them to commit their efforts in achieving the project objectives. The project managers motivate the team members, which increases their creativity and innovativeness necessary for success of the project. The methodology also employs effective communication strategies, which enable the teams and stakeholders to realize quality software. The increased level of stakeholder engagement helps to determine and address the faults of the project in good time, thus reducing the cost incurred. The paper explains various ways in which agile methodology impacts software development. It also describes benefits and limetations of agile methodology. This paper motivates developers to adopt this methodology in order to develop software that meet their changing needs.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.