National Open Innovation Systems: an Evaluation Methodology

  •  Svetlana S. Kudryavtseva    
  •  Aleksey I. Shinkevich    
  •  Mikhail Y. Shvetsov    
  •  Lidiya A. Bordonskaya    
  •  Valery P. Gorlachev    
  •  Aleksandra E. Persidskaya    
  •  Neile K. Schepkina    


The focus of the article is the problem concerning rapid acceleration of the existing economic and institutional change that challenges economic entities to search for new approaches and solutions that will accelerate further innovation and modernization. The purpose of the article is to develop an evaluation methodology for national open innovation systems. The leading approach is a simulation method that allows to evaluate the level of national innovation systems openness by means of qualitative and quantitative indicators. The article reveals the essence of open innovation, national open innovation systems, explains the systematization of innovation strategies, submits the evaluation methods for national open innovation system to perform their positioning, segmentation and rating. The article submissions are theoretically and practically significant for the development of the open innovation management models and a strategy of the state innovation policy.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.