Factors of Sufi Ideology Influence on the Formation of the Tatar Hand-Written Book Traditions

  •  Firdaus G. Vagapova    
  •  Larisa N. Donina    


The timeliness of the research is determined by the following: in the contemporary world scholars studying the national traditional cultures and awareness of the importance of the book art in its historical development are some of the basic conditions for solving the problems of not only preservation of spiritual and material culture monuments, but the study of the cultures genesis, identification of opportunities for their further development. The paper aims to evince the importance and influence of Sufi ideology on the formation of book art traditions. The study of the problem is based on the classical methods of different sciences: history, culturology, art studies, which help to create a holistic picture of the development of the book art in the Tatar culture. The paper reveals the peculiarities of the development of Tatar hand-written book art, including the following factors brought by Sufism ideology: the absence of any graphic elements, key role of symbols of the universe model, the symbols of color and compositional text distribution on the page. Results and study findings can be used during the preparation of special courses and programs "History of culture and religion", "Cult of the peoples of Tatarstan", "History of World Culture".

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.