Evasion of Children in Ivory Coast Artisanal Mining Activities

  •  Kouame Joseph Arthur Kouame    
  •  Yu Feng    
  •  Fuxing Jiang    
  •  Sitao Zhu    


The development of the mining industry is necessary for the national GDP growth. The gold mining operation provides great support to local people in the construction of roads, hospitals and schools. However the damage caused due to the illegal gold mining in Ivory Coast has become increasingly worrying. Thousands of miners unlawfully exploit gold in many parts of the national territory. The local people, especially the children see artisanal gold mining as a faster way to get out of the growing poverty. According to the investigation with local people, MDA, mining companies, the rebellion in 2002 and the post-election crisis in 2010 were a key issue. As result of the political unrest many children have left school to move into the mining activities. This paper focuses on some existing problems relating to the minors in artisanal gold mine as well as how the illegal gold mining activities should increasingly concern the state’s authorities who have to display their determination to stop this recurring phenomenon. In this paper, some suggestions will be proposed and we also support some initiatives and actions of the current government in order to reduce the rate of children or if possible to withdraw all the children from mining sites. The World Bank, financial institutions, NGOs are appealing too to play a major support role to eradicate child labor and to protect children in Ivory Coast and over the world.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.