Employment of Geoinformation Technologies in Historical Researches Experience of Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University

  •  Dina A. Mustafina    
  •  Olga V. Luneva    
  •  Luiza K. Karimova    


Relevance of the topic is due to the prevailing in modern science trend - complex study of society, not only in time but also in space, established thanks to the convergence and integration of Arts and Sciences. The paper aims to describe our own experience of association within the framework of a single information field of full-text data sources, mainly registration, accounting and statistics data (cadastres, scribe and census books) and maps to represent in terms of spatial coordinates the social stratification of the city Sviyazhsk and its surroundings in the XVII century. The leading method in the research of this problem is that of geo-information technologies. The main results of this work were the establishment of historical sources database of the period under study, data formalization of the written sources, compiling the geographic basis of geo-information system (GIS), digitization and creation of vectorized base of geo-data (BGD), which allows to localize and identify the settlement of Sviyazhsk County. The paper materials will be useful for further research and for model development of a settlement structure, farm tenure and land use, social stratification of the population and multifaceted relationships of towns and villages (peasantry) in the Middle Volga area in the second half of the XVII century.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.