A Review of Malaysian Terraced House Design and the Tendency of Changing

  •  Nurdalila Saji    


The construction of terraced houses is the main contributor to the successful development of housing industry in Malaysia but illegal changes and modifications by buyers and occupants may diminish its original identity or characteristics. The physical adaptation and adjustment made by the occupants to fit their utilitarian needs could result in the extensive modification of the housing facilities and the relocation of spatial distribution. Since alteration and renovations are always done and made without proper control, terraced house in Malaysia has lost its originality. This paper provides literature reviews on housing modifications specifically in terms of design consideration and changes in design. It describes the relationship between human and their territory and space which then leads to changes in lifestyle and design. Finally, a conclusion is drawn on the effect of altering the appearance and the change of the original architectural character.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.