Corrosion Studies on Concrete Using Treated and Untreated Textile Effluent and Impact of Corrosion Inhibitor

  •  K Nirmalkumar    
  •  V Sivakumar    


An attempt was made to use the waste water from textile industry for construction purpose, so that the shortage in water can be greatly reduced and the waste water can be suitably disposed for safe guarding the environment.  The basic properties of the treated and untreated water from the textile industry were tested and the results were found to be satisfactory such that it can be used for construction purposes.  By using the waste water from the textile industry cubes, cylinders and beams were casted and tested for its mechanical properties (compressive strength, tensile strength, flexural strength etc) and the result was found to be satisfactory.  Hence the experiment was continued on for durability studies where the corrosion attack was also studied.  The results of other durability studies were found to be satisfactory.  In this experimental study the results of specimen’s casted using treated and untreated textile water were compared with the specimens casted with potable water.  Since there was some corrosion, admixtures were added to counter act the same and the results were found to be satisfactory. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.