Evaluating the Presence of Pesticide Residues in Organic Rice Production in An Giang Province, Vietnam

  •  Hay V. Duong    
  •  Thanh C. Nguyen    
  •  Xuan T. Nguyen    
  •  Minh Q. Nguyen    
  •  Phuoc H. Nguyen    
  •  Tanh T. Vo    


The presence of pesticide residues was investigated in the organic rice production model in An Giang province, Vietnam. A total number of sixteen pesticide residues was been recorded during the investigation. Based on their contamination rate, they are classified as follows. The high-risk group includes tricyclazole (80%). The medium-risk group includes chlorpyrifos (47%), isoprothiolane (47%), difenoconazole (40%), propiconazole (40%), hexaconazole (40%), chlorfenapyr (33%), azoxystrobin (20%), and cypermethrin (20%). The low-risk group includes metalaxyl & metalaxyl-M, paclobutazol, niclosamide, chlorfenson, fipronil, fipronil-desulfinyl, and fenoxanil, which were detected with a contamination rate of 7%. There were seven insecticides, seven fungicides, one snail killer, and one growth regulator.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.