Exploring the Effects of Climate Change on Net Revenue of Farmers: An Econometric Investigation Using Farm-Level Data in Cross River State, Nigeria

  •  C. W. Angba    
  •  R. N. Baines    
  •  A. J. Butler    


This paper addressed the effects of climate on the net revenue of farmers in Cross River State. The specific objectives of this paper are; to examine the level of yam production in Cross River State and, to determine the factors that affect farmers' net revenue. Data was collected from 209 farmers using a well-structured questionnaire. The analysis was done using the independent sample t-test, the Chi-square test and Ordinary Least Square (OLS) regression. The findings revealed that the mean value of the respondents on the level of profit was N88,192.13, while the maximum and minimum amount were N110,000 and N50,000, respectively. The independent sample t-test showed that education produced a statistically significant difference in means. The Chi-square test showed that educational level (p-value =0.047), age (p-value=0.034), farming experience (p-value=0.061) and access to credit (p-value=0.088) have a relationship with the net revenue of farmers. The result from the OLS regression revealed that the variables that affect the net revenue of farmers are farming experience, household size, access to the weather forecast and tenure status. This research recommends that policymakers should emphasise how to improve these factors to enhance farmers' net income to increase self-sufficiency in food crop production.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.