The Impact of Corona Pandemic on Legal Protection of Jordanian Employee's Right to Salary and Its Extensions

  •  Walid Al qadi    


The topic of the study is of special importance, as it relates to the source of public employee income and contemplates unusual events imposed by the Corona pandemic; Led to multiple preventive measures being taken to counter them; including the validity of the emergency defense law, which has multiple effects at all levels. To address negative economic conditions, administrative decisions were issued by the Cabinet against employees, which led to a reduction in their salaries and benefits. Hence, the study problem arose. Because it was not issued by the authority specified by the Defense Law which gives this authority to the Prime Minster, and accordingly many decisions exceeded its established legal rules and specific constitutional texts. The study aims to shit light on many aspects pertaining to the legal protection of Jordanian employee's right to salary and the basis on which the administration can modify it? We reached a set of results, most notably: The validity of the Defense Law specifically gives the Prime Minister, and not the Cabinet, the power to take exceptional measures to face the exceptional circumstance, by invoking exceptional legal rules stipulated by this law and not on the ground of the Civil Service Regulation. The most important recommendation was to cancel the new amendment of Article (193) of the Civil Service Regulation in line with the rule of legislative progression, as it contradicts the defense law and constitutes a violation of the constitutional provisions.

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