Influence of Divisor-ratio to Distribution of Semiprime's Divisor

  •  Xingbo WANG    


For a semiprime that consists in two distinct odd prime divisors, this article makes an investigation on the distribution of the small divisor by analyzing the divisor-ratio that is calculated by the big divisor divided by the small one. It proves that, the small divisor must be a divisor of an odd integer lying in an interval that is uniquely determined by the divisor-ratio, and the length of the interval decreases exponentially with the increment of the ratio. Accordingly, a big divisor-ratio means the small divisor can be found in a small interval whereas a small divisor-ratio means it has to find the small divisor in a large interval. The proved theorems and corollaries can provide certain theoretical supports for finding out the small divisor of the semiprime.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.