On Liouvillian Solutions of Third Order Homogeneous Linear Differential Equations

  •  Noura Okko    


In this article we will consider third order homogeneous differential equations:  L(y)=y'''+a_1y'+a_0y(a_0,a_1 ∈k) whose Galois group G(L) is imprimitive. This case is characterised by the fact that the third symmetric power equation L ^ⓢ3(y)=0 has an exponential solution whose square is rational (Singer & Ulmer 1993). If L(y)=0 has a Liouvillian solution z whose logarithmic derivative u=z'/z  is algebraic over a differential field (k,') ,we will give an algorithm to find the relation between a_0, a_1 , the semi-invariant S=Y_1Y_2Y_3 which is unique up to multiplication by a constant, the coefficients C_0, C_1 of the minimal polynomial P(u) of u  and their derivatives. The aim of this work is to diminutize the number of constants C_m  stated in the algorithm of Singer & Ulmer (Singer & Ulmer 1993 Algorithm p. 31) whose determination is not easy to do, and we will achieve this by using Groebner Basis.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.