One of the Countries That Turkey Models: Finland Secondary Education Social Studies Curriculum

  •  Yasar Kop    


Teaching of social studies has basis of education dynamism that governments maintain to raise qualified and efficient citizens. That’s why; being examined programs in question has importance for the global citizen concept which comes up with globalization. Therefore, how to be raised efficient citizens who build both governments’ and world’s future is going to be determined. Turkey has chosen some countries as guides in education to keep up with globalization world standards. One of these countries is Finland. “Core Program” which is in force in the country is has been taken as basis in this study in which secondary education Social Studies curriculum occupying an important place in Finland education system is reviewed. Geographical and historical features and education system of the country are described (have been depicted shortly so as to ensure to be understood better the program in question. When we look at Finland education system in general, it can be said the tradition of sublimating the common objectives in Finland culture slows down the reflection of liability to bring individuality forward on implementation. School programs aims to equip the youth with knowledge and skills they will need in the social life naturally as well as aiming to transmit the basic values of Finland culture to the students. Equality of entire community is taken into consideration while doing this. Concerning available general program, it has been confirmed that general goals of “secondary education Social Studies curriculum” are to equip learners with talent to analyze current events efficiently and critically and prepare them to join social activities.

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