Investigating the Relationship between Effective Communication of Spouse and Father—Child Relationship (Test Pattern Causes to Education Parents)

  •  Robabeh Ataeifar    
  •  Sholeh Amiri    
  •  Mohammad Nadi    


This research is targeted with the plan of father-child model or effective relationship mediating of spouses or investigating attachment style, personality traits, communication skills and spouses’ sexual satisfaction. Based on this 260 people (father and child) were selected through random sampling method based on share. Participants were tested by relationship between spouses’ model questionnaire, adults’ attachment style, and communication skill, five factors of personality, sexual satisfaction and father-child relationship. The relationship of attachment style, personality traits , communication skills and sexual satisfaction of spouses or the effective relationship of spouses and father-child are clarified through performing structural equation model for test that proposed model was appropriately fitted and father-child relationship is explained and predicted through variables of attachment style, personality traits , communication skills, spouses’ sexual satisfaction and mediating variable of spouses’ effective relationship. A positive and significant relationship related to spouses’ relationship among men accountability, compatibility and communication skills in spousal relationship and a negative and significant relationship is obtained among neuroticism and men avoidant attachment in spousal relationship and there is also positive significant relationship related to father-child relationship among compatibility and negative significant relationship among anxiety attachment and neuroticism of father is obtained in father-child relationship. it is recommended that for improving family members’ relationship, the role and effect kind of effective factors on spouses’ relationship and father-child relationship be paid attention and based on proposed model a modification pattern for present defects in marital and parental context can be suggested.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.