An Analysis on the Relationship between Lecturers’ Competencies and Students’ Satisfaction

  •  Choi Long    
  •  Zaiton Ibrahim    
  •  Tan Kowang    


This study aims at determining the impact of lecturers’ competencies on students’ satisfaction in a private college in Malaysia. Attaining student satisfaction is one of the most critical objectives in all institutions of higher learning. Institution that fails to do so will definitely effect their reputation and students’ intake in future. Dissatisfied students may also affect their academic performance. This study employed quantitative method in examining the hypothesis. Survey method is used for data collection. Fourteen competencies are selected to be measured for this study and total of 260 students are chosen as sample in this case study. Competencies such as knowledge on subject, clarity of presentation, interaction with students, teaching creativity, clarifying learning outcome, class activity and lecture notes are significantly relates to student satisfaction positively. The findings also show that lecturer’s knowledge of subject contributes most to students’ satisfaction.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.