The Cognitive Outcome in the Physical Games at the College of Students of the Basic Science in the World Islamic Sciences and Education University

  •  Ibrahim A. M. Salameh    
  •  Yaseen A. M. Al-Maharmeh    
  •  Mo’een A. Oudat    


The study aimed at reconnoitering the cognitive outcome in the physical games at students of the college of basic science in the World Islamic Science and Education University. The descriptive method was employed, where the sample was randomly chosen, and amounted to (16) students (males & females) from the faculty. The sample discussed five primary dissensions: the physical, mental, emotional, and social and the educational side. The study deduced non-existence of differences with statistical indication at students of the faculty in what concerns the cognitive outcome of the physical games due to sex variable. The study results pin-pointed that the highest cognitive outcome was at the physical field following by the social field, and the lowest two fields in the cognitive outcome were on the educational field, then follows the mental field.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.